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Previous Entry All admins want is blow. Jan. 27th, 2005 @ 06:32 pm Next Entry
This is a dupe of my personal journal, but I had a feeling all here would get a giggle out of the things an admin will do for a little blow -- and of course by "blow" I mean "airflow" you silly, silly person.

I have a server rackmount case, which insides lives two Athlongs (sp. int.) on two mobos with two power supplies. One CPU was recently upgraded and can't handle the heat of the confinement, or, more precisely, the case doesn't have the needed airflow and accorond to my diagrams a pool of stale and very hot air collects like a HEPA-filtered doldrum around -- what else -- the newly upgraded CPU. This wasn't a problem with the older, much slower CPU but now it is.

This causes kernel panics. Which in turn causes me to be unhappy.

After a multitude of experiements to no avail, I had the idea that, since the offending CPU lives right next to the rear power supply, I simply need to get a power supply that has a side exhaust fan to pull the hot airy bits away from yon CPU-friend.

Now, power supplies like this don't exist.

They exists in the 1U and 2U power supply world, but even though this case is a 2U, it uses standard ATX power supplies and not a single one I can see at "Bob n' Jimz Comp-u-shack" has a port like I want.

But an hour with Mr. Dremel and eye ownjz j00 4ll, f00.

full view

side exhaust
additional front exhaust

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