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For your viewing pleasure..

These are just the two racks we have in our "server closet" at home. The first pic is of our Cisco "lab". Several routers connected to a portmaster, which is connected to our "core switch" so we can telnet in and dick with them. The linksys switch is just for all of their ethernet ports.

A pic of the bottom of the rack (more 2500's) and the PM2.

And now on to the "core" of our home LAN:

On top of the cabinet is a old-ass Netgear 802.11b AP (one of the first commercial units), a Cisco Catalyst 2924 XL-EN switch, and a Cisco 2651 for routing our ADSL. The Sun Sparc 5 is actually a piece of internet history, it's westie.mid.net. Below it is a PM2 formerly used for consoling into the machines, and a Gateway G6-200 running OpenBSD 3.5-Current that routes/firewalls my boxes.

And the bottom of the cabinet. A roomate's Ultra 2, old MIDnet WYSE terminal that is plugged into the Tatung USparc box, and finally a APC SU2200XL.

There's the first installment. I'll post some pics of my cabinets at work, and my "lab" cabinet soon ;).
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Date:January 30th, 2013 11:02 am (UTC)
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